About St. Ives Primary School

St Ives



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The School Day



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Staff & Classes


We have seven classes in our school;

The Reception class (4 to 5 yrs) 

The Year 1 class (5 to 6yrs) 

The Year 2 class (6 to 7 yrs)

The Year 3 class (7 to 8 yrs) 

The Year 4 class (8 to 9 yrs) 

The Year 5 class (9 to 10 yrs)

The Year 6 class (10 to 11 yrs)

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 The School Association

We are extremely fortunate to have a very active and lively Parents Association called S.I.S.A. – St Ives School Association.

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School Curriculum


The Creative Learning Journey is an exciting curriculum leading our school and children into the 21st Century. It is preparing children for a future world with which we are still unfamiliar.


Throughout the journey the curriculum plans to ensure that children make maximum gains in their learning. 


We publish details of our school curiculum in our School policy and document Library.

All documents are available in PDF format.

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Our School Tour



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School Uniform

We encourage children to wear our school uniform, of blue and white, to give them a sense of belonging and pride in their school.

Items with the school logo can be purchased from schooltrends.co.uk.

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Nursery School

St Ives Nursery School is situated within the school grounds.  Nursery children visit the school each day for lunch and make full use of the school facilities.  .




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Breakfast & After School Club




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