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We are proud to announce that we are a myHappymind Bronze Accredited school!
This means that as a school we consider the mental health and wellbeing of our children as one of our top priorities. We have created a whole school culture that helps build our children's resilience, confidence, and self-esteem as well as teaching them how to self-regulate in those stressful times. 
This Accreditation badge has been awarded thanks to all the effort our staff, children, governors, and parents have put in to bring the lessons of myHappymind to life all around our school!


To learn more about the myHappymind for Schools programme visit their website here -
At St Ives Primary and Nursery School, we use myHappymind to help create a positive mental wellbeing culture in which children build resilisnce, self esteem and character. MyHappymind uses the latest research, science and technology to help children develop lifelong habits and learn to thrive.
MyHappymind is taught across the whole of nursery and school in weekly sessions alongside daily happy breathing sessions, and consists of 5 units:


Meet Your Brain – Learning about how our brains work

Celebrate – Understanding our character strengths and celebrating ourselves

Appreciate – Developing gratitude as a habit

Relate – Building positive relationships

Engage – Engaging with the world

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