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About St. Ives Nursery School

A Very Warm Welcome To Our Nursery


Our School Nursery offers a friendly, warm and nurturing environment for children ages 2 to 4 years. The Nursery is located within the grounds of the school and provides excellent facilities and engaging activities and experiences that enables the children to develop and thrive. Our highly experienced and caring team carefully plan learning opportunities to meet your child’s individual next steps, follow their interests and teach them new knowledge and skills. We have a new theme each half term:


Autumn 1: Why do Leaves go Crispy?

Autumn 2: Can I Have Chocolate for Breakfast?

Spring 1: How Many Colours in a Rainbow?

Spring 2: Are Eggs Alive?

Summer 1: How High Can I Jump?

Summer 2: How Many Pebbles on a Beach?


Your child’s daily routine is carefully planned to ensure their care and development needs are met. We plan activities ensuring we are developing the holistic child through the seven areas of development in The Early Years Foundation Stage, which are:

·      Communication and Language

·      Physical Development

·      Personal. Social and Emotional Development

·      Literacy

·      Mathematics

·      Understanding the world

·      Expressive Art and Design


We always aim to meet your child’s individual needs through a balance of structured and child initiated activities. We update your child’s Nursery profile through the online learning journal Tapestry where we share with you their progress and development. You can also follow us on our Nursery Twitter page ‘@stivesprimaryN’ for weekly updates of all the fun we have had!


We are open 5 days a week during term time. We welcome children from all cultural and religious backgrounds and those with special educational needs. Government funding is available for eligible 2,3 and 4 year olds.

St Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
St. Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
St Ives Nursery School
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