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Computing Overview
At St Ives, our computing curriculum has been designed to inspire children with a range of skills and concepts that they can utilise in the modern computing world. The content allows for a broad, deep understanding of computing and how it links to children's lives. 
A key element of our computing curriculum is E-safety, as we recognise the importance of educating children to give them the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and stay safe online.  
Our approach helps children to build on prior knowledge at the same time as introducing new skills and challenges.  Including a range of programming elements from EYFS up to Year 6, the units incorporate key knowledge and understanding to ensure preparation for using technology devices safely and responsibly. The programme of structured lessons enable children to combine common office skills with writing algorithms and using logical reasoning for a primary introduction to computer science.  
Children will see the digital world as part of their world, extending beyond school, and understand that they have choices to make. They will be confident and respectful digital citizens going on to lead happy and healthy digital lives.
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