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Writing is a powerful means of communication which builds on the spoken word. This vital skill is necessary to allow pupils to function, engage and contribute within our society.
Our aims in teaching writing are to equip pupils with a strong command of spoken and written language, and to develop a love of literature. Across the school, we ensure that there is a good coverage of genres, which are progressive across year groups.
At St Ives Primary, we want writing to be linked to real experiences, so from the youngest of years groups we expose the children to real life experiences and hooks to give a purpose and focus for their writing. In Key Stage One, we teach writing alongside the Read Write Inc scheme and carry out a “Big Write” towards the end of the week to ensure that the children are given opportunities to write at length and in a less prescribed way. Throughout the whole school, we also use our themes to demonstrate their writing skills in other areas of the curriculum. 
In Key Stage Two, the children follow CPLE’s “Power of Reading” scheme which is a book centred programme that puts high quality literature at the heart of the process to develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills as well as spark interest and curiosity. Children are also given the opportunities to write for real purposes and audiences. Moreover, our pupils have opportunities to apply and showcase their writing skills across other areas of the curriculum.
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