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Year 5

In Year 5, we enjoy being at the top end of the school and being role models to the younger children. We set good examples by being responsible, carrying out jobs with pride and care and helping out the younger children who may need our help.


We have lots of exciting opportunities in Year 5 and our CLJ themes are wonderful.  In Autumn, our theme is called, 'Raiders and Invaders', where we learn all about the Vikings; from where and why they invaded, to how they travelled and what language they spoke. In science we learn about 'Living things and their habitats' where we investigate different lifecycles and reproduction.  In Spring, we challenge you to 'Let the Force be with you!' where we learn all about space and forces in science and learn about aliens and mysterious goings on in outer space in English. Finally, in the Summer Term, our theme is based on “Journeys” and we look and discover about many famous journeys that have taken place across history. 


Being in Upper Key Stage Two, there are lots of extra opportunities that come our way.  We have the chance to be a Sports Ambassador and have the lead parts in the school plays. We also work extremely hard in our lessons and enjoy learning all about new and exciting topics in English and Maths.


To see more about our learning see our class twitter page @stivesprimary5.

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