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Welcome to Year 6 - the children’s final year at St Ives Primary. Over the course of the year, we help prepare the children for transition to the next phase of their education as well as enjoying all the opportunities and new experiences that this year has to offer.  


Whether it’s as a sports, reading, maths, music, art or IT ambassador, a team captain or representing the class on the school council, there are plenty of opportunities to have an impact on our school as well as chances to represent the school in football, rugby, netball, swimming and cross country competitions.  


​Each day starts with ‘Wake and Shake’ to get our brains and bodies ready for learning and the mornings comprise of English and Maths lessons. In the afternoon our group reading sessions give the children additional opportunities for reading opportunities, including comprehension activities based on our class book for that half term. We then base much of our learning around our creative learning journey (CLJ) theme which encompasses the foundation subjects.   

Our CLJ themes in Year 6 are: ‘Fields of Remembrance’, ‘Darwin’s Delights’ and ‘Let’s Get Civilised’. Each unit has a degree of flexibility to allow the children to direct some of their own learning and throughout all we do the key words are resilience and aspiration. The children are encouraged to self-assess and engage with teachers in a dialogue that puts them at the centre of their learning.  


​One of the highlights of our school year is a five day residential to Brenscombe Outdoor Centre where activities include power-boating, abseiling off Dancing Ledge, kayaking and a trip on the steam train to Swanage. A fantastic way to end our year which provides the children with memories that will last a lifetime.  

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