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At St Ives, our Science follows the National Curriculum which encompasses Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The children are able to develop their science knowledge and practical investigative skills through this structured curriculum which enables them to explore and discover the world around them. It involves exciting, practical hands on experiences that encourage curiosity and questioning. These stimulating and challenging experiences help children secure and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary. These opportunities will ensure that our children are confident, life-long learners who will explore the world around them and become aware of the vast opportunities the world of science can offer them.
The science curriculum at St Ives provides children with:
  • An excitement for science that inspires a curiosity about natural phenomena and the world around them.
  • Coherent, sequential knowledge of the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Secure, deep understanding of the nature, processes and principles of science through clear instruction and deliberate practice.
  • The ability to apply secure, long-term knowledge to make predictions and connections between disciplines, and recognise the uses and implications of science in the wider world.
  • Grounding in core disciplinary knowledge and, as they progress through the school, the ability to systematically approach challenging, scientifically-valid questions through:​ 
    • Scientific Attitudes & Planning
      asking scientifically relevant scientific questions and designing controlled investigations.
    • Measuring & Observing
      learning how to use scientific apparatus like rulers and thermometers, and making systematic observations.
    • Recording & Presenting
      collecting data and presenting this data in a variety of different ways.
    • Analysing & Evaluating
      interpreting and analysing findings; drawing conclusions and evaluating the reliability of investigations.
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